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Toms Trading Co., Ltd. is committed to introducing foreign high-quality plastic medical devices into China and creating a resource-sharing platform. Adhering to the concept of creating wealth for distributors and shareholders, promoting the healthy and beautiful life of the public, opening up new fields of medical cosmetology and plastic surgery to serve the public
Taansi International Trade Co., Ltd. is the general agent of Sun Facial Prostheses and Sun Nose Splints in Korea. Its product features are as follows:
SUN solar facial prosthesis in South Korea, with velvet polishing technology and NUSIL medical permanent implant grade silicon collagen material, has developed and manufactured facial prosthesis for 30 years. Through more than 10 years of brand precipitation, the product has been certified by KFDA and has become the preferred brand of top plastic hospitals in Korea. In 2009, the company introduced it to China. After five years of rigorous testing, it was certified by CFDA in China on September 30, 2014. The legitimacy and safety of the product were guaranteed in all directions.
  • Integrating One-stop Shopping Platform

    100% original imports are directly oriented to distributors, and prices are unified throughout the country.

  • Diamond after-sales service

    National unified after-sales service, professional sales elite team and technical team to precisely serve customers

  • Global Quality Certification

    Our products are certified by CE, ISO, CFDA, KFDA and so on. We are more assured of high quality.

  • Multi-city Partners

    Korea's solar facial prosthesis, nasal splint and other plastic materials, partners have been spread throughout the country in many cities and regions.

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