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Whether the rhinoplasty material is silicone or expanded

Release time: 2019-07-04 05:23 Author:admin

        The rhinoplasty material is made of silica gel or expanded body, this problem has bothered many people. It is also a solid prosthesis, and the shape is better. Both prostheses are resistant to high and low temperature, chemical stability, corrosion resistance and histocompatibility. All are good, non-toxic, no side effects, and the effect is natural and feels good.

        The surgical procedure of silicone prosthesis and expanded rhinoplasty is basically similar, but the surgical effect is essentially different. The silicone prosthesis has no capillary pores, and the human tissue will not be interspersed therein, which is convenient for future retrieval, and the rhinoplasty effect is good. Shaped lasting and stable, no deformation, no displacement, if there is no discomfort, you can save the human body for life. If you don't like it, you can take it out completely without damaging the tissue.
         The expanded rhinoplasty material is more flexible than the silicone prosthesis. It is a special structure with many small pores. The blood vessels and nerves can gradually grow into the inside of the bulk, the tissue is well melted, the feel is more natural and realistic, but the elasticity and the three-dimensional Feeling worse. Secondly, the pore size of the expanded surface is large enough to accommodate bacteria, while the macrophages responsible for destroying the bacteria in the body cannot enter the pores; therefore, the infection rate is high. And it is difficult to take out later.

          Korean sun facial prosthesis, with velvet grinding surface, curved surface carving, seamless splicing, segmented design, soft and hard combination, opaque, non-displacement, soft handfeel, natural effect, etc., deeply favored by beauty seekers For details, please consult the hospitals across the country.


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